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Money is needed all around the world to solve problems like hunger. But hunger is not only a third world problem. Care about your neighbours, your friends next door like Uschi Glas, the German actress. She talked about a real German problem: 25 percent of German pupils are hungry at school. They don't get a breakfast at home. That's why she founded brotZeit Initiative to fight hunger at German schools.

Uschi Glas, a well known actress in Germany, talked in German about a real problem of a first world nation. A rich city like Munich has more than 3,000 pupils coming hungry to school, with a lack in concentration, sleepy in class, and aggressive behavior. 25 percent in average, more at social focal points in Germany are having no breakfast at home, no lunchbox or even some money to buy food.

That's why Uschi Glas founded her initiative to fight against this situation. She started to contact elementary schools in Munich how she could help. The first and really disappointing answer was: just buy them zwieback. That's not a good diet for a child. Well, one principal had a dream and together with Uschi Glas she wanted to establish a breakfast at school. But who should prepare this breakfast every morning, for 80 hungry pupils?

The elderly were the answer. More than 800 elderly people are working voluntary to prepare the breakfast. The are like grandparents but social pedagogues at the same time. They help childrens from over 40 nations to integrate, to improve their German, to get less aggressive, teaching chess or just help them with their homework. And not only in Munich where brotZeit has a cooperation with 28 schools. In Berlin (26 schools), Leipzig (21 schools), Hamburg (20 schools), Heilbronn (20 schools), and Duisburg (20 schools, coming soon) more than 5,000 pupils are participating in brotZeit's initiative.

Why "brotZeit"?

BrotZeit totally explains itself what's all about. It's a bavarian word for having a slice of bread ("Brot") and taking your time to enjoy this meal. It's a metaphor for coziness, community, and friendship combined with time ("Zeit"), the elderly spend to help the kids.

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