The Elephant In The Room: 
How To Cope With A New Reality

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Recode’s Kara Swisher along with Tammy Haddad (Haddad Media), Megan Murphy (Bloomberg Businessweek) and Hilary Rosen (SKDKnickerbocker) reviews the US election and how to deal with its global repercussions.

DLD17 Conference Day 1

Megan Murphy

• A lot of people did not take Trump seriously

• Hillary should not have lost the election, but she sticked to a message that was not resonating with voters

• The democrats need to develop a positive vision about growth, optimism, change and the future of work and education

• If you map communities that had the least gain in income and regions Trump performed most strongly in, you get two almost identical maps.

• Trump won 30 of the 50 swing states

• He has been incredibly transparent of what he wants to do

• Trump adopted Twitter because it is the most effective trolling tool out there

• However, if he changes nuclear policy within a tweet at 6am, journalists do have to cover it

• Not likely he will stop behaving outrageously

• People should stop being surprised and start acting

• Start local, think global: Start convincing people in your local community and then scale it up

DLD17 Conference Day 1

Tammy Haddad

• Tammy is among others the producer of Veep, a fictional TV series on the US Vice President

• Americans love Trump's success story, they gravitate towards a billionaire (believing he will not steal their money)

• Trump’s message was very basic: they are all lying, I tell you the truth

• The Republican Party was hesitant to nominate John Mccain or Mitt Romney and opened up the debate. This gave Trump the opportunity to run as the TV personality he was

• People could express their anger by voting for him – who is not against their government

• However, Trump also developed an agenda of things he wants to do and this interim period before his inauguration showed: He plans to go through with them

• People should not expect the media to hold him back

• The day after the inauguration there will be a large women's march in Washington

• Can people make a difference? Will their voices be heard? Trump is keen on his popularity so to some degree he might care about what people think.

DLD17 Conference Day 1

Hilary Rosen

• 70% of jobs in the communities that elected Trump were lost to innovation and technology not to trade deals, but people do not want to hear 'we have to send you back to school'

• Trump has a Republican Congress and a Republican Supreme Court and total control in the government

• One of the reasons why Trump is successful is that his skin is thicker than anybody else's in the game right now

• For the resistance to be successful, it is crucial to stay in it and not getting distracted

• Focus on the issues that are most important to you and stay honest in articulating your concerns

• This part of his accessibility, his desire to be liked, is real – you need to exploit this as far as you can to make your voice being heard

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