The End of Illness and A short Guide to a long Life

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David Agus, Professor of Medicine and Engineering and bestselling author, sits in conversation with Yossi Vardi for guiding us along the path of a longer life.

Three years ago David wrote his first book: The End of Illness which deserved 1.5 million sales and dedicated all benefits to Cancer Research. The book was initially called “What is Health?” by David, which was not accepted due to the sometimes negative connotation that the word Health has in our current society.

Another appealing title for a new publication by Professor Agus has recently being issued: A Short Guide to a Long Life, a compendium of 65 rules of dos & don’ts for anyone to follow in order to improve the quality our health and to increase our life expentacy. Some of them would be:

Pay attention not only to what you eat but also to when you eat. We are quite aware that keeping a regular schedule is esential for babies but we tend to forget this rule when it comes to adults.

Know yourself. David recommends to get naked once a month in front of a mirror and observe out bodies and the changes they experience over time.

Eat real food. Our organism is not designed to take artificial food or supplements.

Other tips, like avoiding an extremely sedentary lifestyle, storing all our medical data online or being moderate are exposed. The last rule that Agus shares on DLD stage is probably the most controversial and known:

"There is one pill that significantly reduces disease risks if taken once a day: Baby Aspirin".

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