The Four Horsemen

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Scott Galloway probably set a record at DLD15, going through 90 slides in 900 seconds in his talk on the four internet giants, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

Galloway is a professor at NYU Stern and founder of the think tank L2, a member-based business intelligence service that benchmarks the digital competence of brands.

Moving at breakneck speed – yet somehow finding time for jokes – Galloway went through the four companies and how he sees them developing in the future. His predictions, he conceded, may be wrong.

Here are a few:

Amazon cannot survive as a pure play retailer

Uber may become the most disruptive force for Amazon, which was the most disruptive force for retail in America

Amazon is losing its points of differentiation

– The future of retail is not Amazon but multi-channel retail

Amazon will decline in value.

Facebook pulled the biggest bait in switch in history when it convinced companies to invest in community building and then made them pay to access to the communities they helped grow

– Idea that young people don’t like Facebook is hogwash

Facebook has more friends than God and can be reached on a mobile phone”

Google searches are being chipped away by competitors

Google+ is dead already

Google glass is not a tool but a prophylactic making sure no one will get near you, ever.”

Apple is becoming a luxury brand

Apple will become the first trillion dollar company

– The Apple watch will prove a serious problem to watch commerce

– Using an iPhone means you can choose among more “potential mates”.

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