The Future of Audiences

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In this panel the participants discussed changing audiences. There is a shift from an audience that consumes to an audience that engages, whether through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or YouTube. The audience is connected to the creations they love and, more and more importantly, to each other.

Social TV is becoming more and more important. A TV magazine like TV Guide from Christina Tanner turned into a streaming and information website about TV with predictions and recommandations around TV, and the Watchlist is very accurate. Even Hollywood discovered the need of Social Media and Eric Kuhn became Hollywood's first Social Media agent at United Talent Agency.

The Future of the Audiences 1

The future of the audience

Kenyatta Cheese took the DLD audience on a deeper level of Dr. Who, a famous British sci-fi series. He developed a fan community for Dr. Who where people are able to do e.g. amazing fan art work or music. Fans create mass amounts of art and posts from each show in realtime. The tumblr curate a lot of it. Analyzing the insights shown by Kenyatta verified the real time usage of social media during every episode.

But this is only TV 2.0, Josh Weinstein argumented. His platform YouareTV will be TV 3.0 where the audience can video dial-in, a better engagement with the audience and between audience, media and celebrities might occur.

TV and Social Media are melting together.

"Viewers want a social, personalized and seamless experience on the #secondscreen. Cable providers & TV networks want more ad revenue." - Borys Musielak (via Twitter)

TV is first, Social Media second screen? Maybe not any longer...

"For many people Twitter is the first screen" - Eric Kuhn

"Twitter became by accident the biggest social TV channel." - Borys Musielak

And in the end, it's all about love:

"To engage tv audience you only have to know one thing: Everything is about love. Like life." - Christina Tanner

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