The Future Of Publishing Houses

DLD conference

Mathias Döpfner (Axel Springer), Paul-Bernhard Kallen (Hubert Burda Media) and Dominik Wichmann (DLD) discuss the unknown future of the world of publishing houses

• Kallen: "We consider ourselves to be more than 'just' a print company, the future of a publishing house cannot be without digital"

• Döpfner: "A publishing house is defined by a creative culture which creates the best content - that still remains the number one aim of a publishing house"

• The consumer relationship is key, based on that publishing houses will have a future, outlining a new media landscape

• Considering the fake news debate, Döpfner thinks that "since mankind exists, we have fake news. What's new is that with Social Media we have more transparency about that. The debate is completely overrated but it shows that a trustful source is of importance"

• Should we treat Facebook as a publishing house? Kallen says Facebook is a media company, for Döpfner Facebook is a telecommunication company – them being a distribution platform is fine, more would be a threat: They need to take more responsibility if they really wanted to be a publishing house

• Regarding existing publishing houses, the value of truth is not going down but needs to be adapted

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