The Future of Storytelling and Content Creation

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How will we experience and share stories in the future? Oded Vardi hosts a panel with Allen Lau (Wattpad), Alex Hofman ( and René Rechtman (Walt Disney) on the next generation content: how to discover great content and reach new audiences?

DLD17 Conference Day 2

Allen Lau

• founded Wattpad as a classic reading app for books

• since 7 years it runs with user-generated content

• 45 milion users every month

• half a million chapters are uploaded every day

• so there's no need for a top-down content approach

• the way content is created changes due to the feedback loop: readers can have a lot of influence on the storyline giving feedback for the current chapter as the next one is not written yet.

• filtering is done by the users as well: Wattpad prints books that already have a proven fanbase on the platform

• high sale figures, even though the ebook versions are available for free

• in adddition to the community likes, they try to detect the best books via a machine learning engine

• however, with data alone you won't be innovative, it always has to be a combination

DLD17 Conference Day 1

Alex Hofmann

• President of, an entertainment social video network

• users have created different kind of genres for the 15 seconds long clip format: some lipsync, some dance, others sing or upload comedy content

• 170 million people dowloaded the app so far

• also partners with brands as content providers

DLD17 Conference Day 1

Rene Rechtman

• former founder of Maker that has been acquired by Walt Disney

• in every open platform only about 10% of the content will be worth your time

• every company built around user-generated content will focus on these 10 percent: it is about finding the talent and great storytellers to produce them

• as a company that partners or is part of a big brand you will always have to find the right balance to stay authentic and relevant to your users

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