The Internet of things (IoT) – A Workshop

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Things have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Devices too have evolved significantly in recent years. Oliver Gluth from Hyve lead the workshop, an innovation company that offers an integrating approach to innovation, combining competencies in the areas of market research, design, product development and software solutions. At DLDsummer, he talked about the bright future of things and opened the audience’s eyes to the fact that things can do more and more: an apple watch can already speak, why shouldn’t be able to act and feel?

“There are news ways of our interaction with things, all we need to do is connect with them emotionally”, Oliver said. But should we then still call them THINGS?

They’re talking to us – Siri

They can see – NeuralTalk

They can think - AlphaGo

They can act on their own – High-tech cars

Nowadays these “things” provide recommendations and much more for us, the only missing part is empathy: Oliver underlined the fact we need to stop thinking what things are and instead start thinking about what things can do for us. By that he meant building a relationship not only to your device, but “the digital layer that is the very basis that we have with things”. Because things, still, can’t feel. And that is what the Tawny Project from Hyve is about: a “thing” that actually knows how you feel!

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