The one thing fish know nothing about

Dldnyc raghava kk

Artist Raghava KK begins his talk with revealing the one thing fish know nothing about: It is water – "they don't know how it feels like to be wet because they have never been dry." Similarly, Raghava argues, we have not only entered the digital age, the digital age has entered us: the way we think, the way we act, the way we love has transformed within the last years.

We are recording our life all the time. Media is a tricky thing. Every form of media began representing reality and real life but then starts to transcend it. Reality is only a reference point within the media.

Raghava explains the transformation like this: Earlier god was the ultimate witness which has been replaced by the eye witness which has then been replaced by the camera. However, cameras rarely tell us the truth. Why do we still trust the photograph? Digital photos can lie even more efficiently.

Today, we perform our lives for the camera. Raghava admits how he selected five cheerful photos of a miserable birthday party to show it off on his facebook profile. "We record what we live and we live what we record." The literate of the future are going to be literate on pen and pictures, Raghava predicts.

That's why he is founding a company called flipside. It will try to empower people to share their life not as it is but how they see it.