The Video Explosion

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Viviane Reding moderated the panel discussion on video explosion. Her panelists were, Kerry Trainor (CEO of Vimeo), Christian Wegner (Executive Board Member at ProSiebenSat.1) and Lutz Schüler (CEO of Unitymedia KabelBW).

“All three of us should be happy because we are working in an area, which – as the title suggests – is growing,” Schüler said. Indeed, the panelists all seemed pleased with their business models. Lutz said his company had invested a lot in network so felt ready to meet all demands regarding infrastructure. Wegner said Germany in general had been very active in finding new distribution forms for TV from the beginning – with his company being no exception. And Trainor said Vimeo had big plans for the future: namely to move to a (paid) subscription based business model.

Viviane Reding asked how the panelists saw the future of video considering the abundance in content. All agreed that good content is valued by viewers, and that they would also be willing to pay for this good content. Wegner said it was important for Europe to create a digital single market. At the moment, each country has its own market and these vary greatly. Europe is competing with America and China, however, so a single unified market is paramount.

“The three of you show me that it is not necessary to fight and much better to collaborate,” Reding said bringing the conversation to a close. “I take this as a strong message as a politician. Normally I hear from content makers that the tsunami of content means good content will go under. But these three panelists have said we need good content for pay.”

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