The Young China

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Kathy Gong presents a hopeful and inspirational view of China's budding generation in business and development. Her own life very much a mirror image of this next generation of leaders. She was born in 1986 and grew up with intense educational competition. From the young age of nine she became a master at chess and travelled the country by train to compete at different tournaments. She realised then that: "Everything in life comes at a price and every move brings responsibility".

This realisation accompanied her through teenage years when the social norm was that success equals money. She experienced her surrounding like a "race of power in the private sector" and the western lifestyle was a dream for most of her contemporaries. Kathy Gong entered her professional life through the construction and machinery industries in Hong Kong five years ago. An industry she describes as masculine and challenging but one that brings her a lot of enjoyment. As one of China's next generation entrepreneurs she defines her time as shaped by the third generation of princely people - youngsters who come from established powerful families. Whereas the generation before them became politicians they now all turn to business.

Kathy sees this development as the first generation of entrepreneurs who trie to break the social constrictions of China's society. "They are hard working and competition is fierce" she says, and many face psychological pressure due to bridging the traditional values like honouring the family and yet living a completely new and more individualistic lifestyle. Kathy Gong's own success story stuns the DLD14 audience as she shares that her ten month old company has already achieved vast profits. Her presentation lets you believe that China is actually turning into a "golden land of opportunities" as she says.

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