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The new light for the world

Jill Van den Brule and Jacques-Philippe Piverger of MpowerD are very proud to introduce their inflatable, water resistant, bright LED solar lantern Luci.

"Imagine for one moment what it means to live without light. With no access to electricity", Jill Van den Brule. But there's a solution named Luci. Luci because of 'Luz' in spanish, 'Luce' in italian, 'Licht' in german and 'light' in english. Luci was created to empower the developing world through solar power, providing greater equity to those without access to electricity. It is the solution where light is inaccessible or unaffordable. Luci is a clean, low-cost, sustainable energy provider.

Luci's Features: - Charges time of 6 hours yields a minimum of 6-12 hours of light - Luci charges under direct sunlight and even under incandescent light - Luci only only loses 2.5% of her charge per month - Two brightness levels to conserve battery life - Flashing light setting for emergency situations - The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery pack can be charged wihile collapsed or expanded - Minimum lifesoan of one year

Jill: "We brought Luci to kenia and it was fantastic to see the smile in the peoples face. We are blessed to find a solution for young women who can carry it around or in crime camps, etc."

Luci was designed to be independent of a power grid. Luci improves education, ensures safety of young girls and women, improves health and quality of life, promotes economic development and protects the environment.

To end their presentation, Jill quotes the always inspiring "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." (Martin Luther King)

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