Thinking in New Boxes

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Recognising New Patterns is a DLD Mantra

Introduced by Steffi Czerny herself Luc de Brabandere (Boston Consulting Group) came on stage to share his vision of creativity.

With his charming French accent Luc stirred up the audience with some questions like “how many colors does a rainbow have?” or “how many pillars in the Pantheon?”. The audience answered to the best of its knowledge and Luc illustrated to them through his answers why he is convinced that creative thinking is all about knowing how we think.

“Creativity is a human way of thinking” to Luc de Brabandere (Boston Consulting Group), and there’s a difference between recognising and knowing something; which is why people answered that there are 7 colors in the rainbow even thogh there are infinitely many colors. Luc said “we simplify and use a simplification of the world in order to think about it.” The key to creativity is to change that simplification.

Innovation is to add something to the simplified idea or the existing box. A creative mind actually creates a new box out of the old simplification. “In order to give a judgement of a movie you need to forgot 90% of the movie”, was another nugget of creativity-wisdom from Luc, who gave several examples from different industries where creativity rather than innovation had created success.

In the end, he said to his inspired and entertained audience, that his job is not to feed them with what to think but how to think. “I’m not here to give you food for thought, but to make you hungry.”

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