Trends from Emerging Markets

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Nathan Eagle tells the story of his platform JANA starts with a story from Kenia, in which he was asked four times in a row todonate blood. And then he asked himself why in Kenia they run out of blood? Based on his findings there he started to build a platform on which one could centralize the blood demand and see where it is needed. With messages from the nurses one could easily observe and allocate the blood needed. However, after a week after the launch the messages from the nurses stopped mainly because it costed them something to send those messages. So in the end, he invented a platform that compensates users, in the blood case the nurses, for every messages they sent. A pay back system that works better than advertising and is a more targeted way to find out what consumers want. Now, the international organizations such as the World Bank as well global companies use the platform to compensate people for doing things. Companies use the platform to find out what their global consumers want and it helps to for example advertise their products in rural areas in developing countries.

Bright Simons (MPEDIGREE) continues with a presentation of how African technology can change the world. In his opinion African technology is unlike Western technologies not dominated by the "singularity" trope and the "Powerselfie". Bright's vision is to change singularity to multiplexity. Several use cases can be using a technology that networks government, business and people or rely on the community in home security than on building your home like a fortress. In general Africa is still at the early stage when it comes to IT, but people want to explore this rather new development and gradually use it for production as well.

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