Unite! An Urgent Call to Action

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The world is seeing a rising Refugee Crisis. It needs to react

Melissa Fleming (UNHCR) introduced the full scope of the world wide refugee crisis. Numbers and images that illustrated to the audience how the scale of the crisis has reached levels comparable to WW2.

On stage Melissa is joined by Jala El Jazairi (Syrian Refugee Council) who herself is a refugee, and today works to support Syrian refugees who live in Germany. She said that “Germany has the most generous prorgam for Syrian Refugees at the moment,” but the war in Syira is not going to end anytime soon and more needs to be done.

DLDw14 Conference – “Relevance!” – Munich, Germany, July 2014 © Jan Haas

The horror of war is hard to comprehend Jala as well as the second speaker on stage - Charmaine Hedding (Development Manager) therefore focus their work on the trauma that people experience and suffer from. Charmaine does this through the Shai Fund which supports social workers in Bulgaria to deal with the increasing numbers of Syrian refugees.

Helping to heal the effects of trauma means to prevent damaged generations after long conflicts like in Syria. The group of committed women on stage agreed on the importance of giving back dignity to people who have lost the basic means to decide over their lives.

DLD Women 2014 Conference Day 2 at Haus der Kunst in Munich, 22.07.2014

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Charmaine Hedding
Shai Fund
Development Manager
Shai Fund
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Melissa Fleming
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Director of Communications/ Chief Spokesperson
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
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Jala El Jazairi
Board of Foreigners & Refugee
Board of Foreigners & Refugee

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