Unlocking Gen Y: Web Video Creators and Brands


These days, many companies are going after social media celebrities for advertising campaigns. The rise of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Co. made influencers with major followings super popular. Of course in this way Social Media has had a deep impact on advertising – especially Youtube became more and more interesting for brands and their marketing. This panel moderated by Michael Wolf (Activate) brought five interesting experts together discussing the collaboration of video creators and brands : Eman (video creator/make-up artist), Rob Fishman (Niche), Erin McPherson (media executive), David Milchard (actor/producer), Josh Peck (actor) and Maya Washington (Shameless Maya).

Web Video and Brands: Hit the Zeitgeist

Erin McPherson explained that the phenomenon of creators goes hand in hand with Youtube. "It"s like a creator ecosystem, where everyone can upload anything", she explained. "It just hits the Zeitgeist." Rob Fishman has specialized his business on this phenomenon – and co-founded Niche, a professional network for social media creators to analyze, grow and monetize their audience while allowing brands to browse leaderboards and collaborate with top creators on marketing campaigns.

"It's very important that the audience can trust the creator"

Two of those social media celebs were also on the panel: make-up artist Eman, who posts very successfully beauty tutorials on Youtube and Maya Washington, popularly known as Shameless Maya, is an artist and inspirational online personality. "I love to have a conversation with my audience. They comment, you respond. It's a real community", said Eman. "But it's very important that the audience can trust the creator. That's why i only choose brands to collaborate with which fit to my work."

Something powerful is happening out there

All of them have one thing in common: the passion for their work. "The feedback is instant, you can adjust to your audience. The fans are coming with you – everywhere", said actor Josh Peck, for whom a platform like Vine was a necessity from the beginning on. "I saw something really powerful happen. And whatever it is – it is important."