Viva Activa - Thoughts On The Future Of Work

Kardinal marx
DLD conference

Keynote of Reinhard Kardinal Marx, German Conference of Bishops - discussion based on this keynote

• digital revolution will last, will influence our economic possibilities

• bad future (sci-fi, apocalyptical vision): evil powers, dictators rule the society with technology - cultural pessimism

• understand our lives as a gift and a task

• look at the digital word as well as a gift and a task

• we need the responsibility of all and we have to discuss it

• progress across the board is an illusion, but so is the apocalypse

• different level of responsibility - global responsibility - who? when? where? ranges from individuals to corporate

• we want a responsible freedom

• we need a global consensus of what a good life is

• seems to you without work is better, long run (ethical point): work adds value to human life

• church afraid of losing impact due to the digitization another one?

• everything comes in a package with pros and cons, balance is key

• is a future desirable where machines make the profit and people sit around with no jobs? who are winners, losers?

• Who has the power? Who has the money? Inequality is a real danger for the free society

• Is the free society only temporary?

• if there is more and more inequality, this will be the end of responsibility here

"Maybe this free society is only an episode. Maybe it’s not all that stable.“

"We should live in a society where people are free. They should be able to take down decisions over their own lives“

"My hope is still greater than my fear but we have to act."

Discussion based on archbishop Marx' keynote:

DLD17 Conference Day 1

Janina Kugel (Siemens):

• the world is changing - not only about whether companies will be able to change, but how fast they can change

• but is there just another industrial revolution or the beginning of something bigger

• this is not only for the upper class, give an opportunity, don’t miss out people, responsibility for all of us

• Digitalization can only be successful if we take anyone along

• every industrial revolution has been shifting work of people but not reducing work

• digitalization should not be seen as something negative, but as an opportunity

• AI will be improving working conditions. I don’t like the negative notation associated with digitalization in Germany

• is there a human right to work?

• try, fail, improve is a key paradigm for the future of work

• providing a job to everyone is the better way compared to unconditional basic income

• not sure universal basic income will work to solve the negative results of tech job displacement

Yonca Dervisoglu Bunini, Google

• responsibility -> digital skills, no big gap there, we know today there will be 1 Mio. jobs by 2020 in Europe and will not have enough people with the skills for it

Dominik Wichmann, DLD:

• we have a 6-week summer break b/c kids needed to be able to help their families harvesting. We’re living 100 years in our past.

• the german school system is still aquainted to agricultural needs from 80-100 years ago, needs to change for digital skills

Carl Frey, Oxford Martin School:

• Combination of tech skills, creativity, and navigating complex environments will be critical skills in the digital age

Reinhard Kardinal Marx:

• In an ideal society, everybody looking for a job should get one.

• we have to think beyond capitalism (seriously he recently published a book called „Das Kapital“ (the capital))

What we need to teach children? The ability to adapt to technology and economic changes. Digital skills are vocational.