Wearables for Payment

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A workshop for understanding how a wearable is designed, what technology can we integrate into it, what are the most common features and how they work for the user.

The dynamics of the session are really simple and practical. After a brief introduction, the attendees are divided into four groups, each one of them guided by one of the hosts: Robert Milner (leader of the smart systems team at Cambridge Consultants), Philipp Nowakowski (Entrepreneur and Strategic Consultant, CEO at YND Consult), Joern Leogrande (EVP Mobile Services at Wirecard AG) and Dipak Raval (Commercial Director at Cambridge Consultants Limited).

The groups go through a role play where they must create a wearable for a particular concept, discuss the technical requirements for it, sketch a list of the features they consider necessary and present the concept. The cases are:

• A wristband for a hotel (with features like access to the room, pay in the restaurant linked to the hotel bill, security, proximity and location, identification and personalization. This wearable makes it possible, among other benefits that the receptionist at the hotel will know that you are coming and that your food allergies and preferences are known at the restaurant.

• A hospital band, with all your medical information that will permit to the patient to save a lot of paperwork.

• A fitness band which is waterproof, counts steps, measures the distance you go over and it even incorporates a microphone to record this idea that comes to your mind when you are running and you get inspired.

• A music festival wrist band with a simple display for communicating with your friends, allows payment and ticketing and, why not? we can also add dance tracking.

The last part of the workshop is a demo of how to design our wearable with a really easy platform. We just have to select all the required features in the tool and we obtain the estimated price that the final piece would have.

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