Welcome to Bavaria

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President Joachim Gauck once described Ilse Aigner (CSU) as a “Bavarian with firm conviction and passion”. Who better then to welcome DLD15 participants to the southern Bundesland than its current Minister for Economic Affairs and the Media, Energy and Technology for Bavaria. “It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Germany, to Bavaria and especially to Munich,”, Aigner said to the full atrium.

This year’s conference carries the motto “it’s only the beginning”. Aigner said this motto may be confusing, as a long stretch of digital development already lies behind us. But the motto also “hits the nail on the head” as great changes lie ahead, she continued.

Minister Aigner praised DLD for being more far-sighted than other conferences, and then praised Bavaria for its fervour in staying on top of digital evolutions. “But we have to earn our leading position over and over again,” Aigner said, referring also to the exemplary Bavarian automobile industry. To that end, Bavaria is planing to become “a leader in digitalization” by 2018. Amongst other modernizations, the state is investing 1.5 million euros to provide high-speed broadband across Bavaria. “So you see, Bavaria is the ideal venue for DLD! Welcome to Bavaria!” Aigner ended her talk.

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Ilse Aigner
Bavarian Landtag
Deputy Minister-President, State Minister for Economic Affairs and the Media, Energy and Technology
Bavarian Landtag

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