What You Need to Know About Corruption

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The anti-democrat: a person who doesn’t like democracy.

Lessig spoke of the plight of the modern anti-democrat. As recent as 200 years ago there were very few democracies, now nearly 100% of societies across the globe are democratic. Or aren't they?

The 19th century politician Boss Tweed used to say “I don’t care who does the electing as long as I get to do the nominating.” And it seems today, society still works in a very similar fashion.

There are two parts to this “tweedism”. The first being the nominating of people eligible to be elected done by a select few, and the second being the actual election done by the citizen.

He ran through numerous examples, including the United States, where there is a tiny group or council that are the true selectors of world leaders. In fact, it is usually .02%, a small fraction of 1%. In the US, this manifests itself as those who fund political campaigns. Thus, politicians are always changing their stances on issues and legislation in order to please these relevant funders.

So what do we do? 96% of Americans would want this kind of monetary corruption within the political elections to change, but 91% say change is not likely. It seems we are left at a standstill, until someone takes a stand to make huge change.

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