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It's always a roller coaster ride with DLD Co-Chair Yossi Vardi leading a session. You never know what to expect as he knows close to everyone or is about to invest in another company. So it happened that there were a line-up of experienced hands onstage and a myriad of voices from within the audience.

So, what is it, the next big thing? Here are the puzzle pieces the panel presented.

Digital health care and its mobile devices as spontaneously presented by Vitaly Sirota, Founder and CEO of Witalize. It might go through such a fast evolution that this type of health care will be free along the journey, argued Jon Miller, Chief Digital Officer, Chairman and CEO at Digital Media Group. TV is due to change with its many screens, he said. "Communication as a whole still disrupts us", added Internet entrepreneur Jeff Pulver. 3D printing, they all said, will enter mainstream within the next years. Abdul Malik Al Jaber, Founder of MENA Apps, convincingly through a whole bunch of well-collected numbers proving that it will be the Arab world having a high potential in developing digital businesses, in particular mobile ones.

Independent from the next big thing, there are two ways of investing, Howard Morgan gave this piece of advice: to "invest early, and way to early."

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