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The view from the moon on the earth, one single blue planet, changed the perspective of our world in the 1960s. Ellen Jorgensen and Oliver Medvedik, Co-Founders of Genspace, a community biotechnology laboratory in Brooklyn, now intends to change our view on ourselves. "We provide a bridge between science and the general public," she said. In those facilities around the world, like biothinkering.org in Berlin, you can learn for instance how to do DNA fingerprinting techniques and much more cool science stuff you weren’t prepared for in school. The hands-on biotechnology movement could spread because the facilities got a lot cheaper just within a decade, Jorgensen added. The sequencing of the human genome 12 years ago cost 3 billion dollars. Now, the machines only cost about 1000 dollars.

What's Your Genome? Get Tested Here at DLD

How to get involved with Genspace? Simply go downstairs to the hacking space, pick up a voucher, hand over your sample and get a badge to show what type of genome you have. This way, you can not only look at your own genome, right here at DLD, but also help to bring insight as to how HIV works. It’s not just that the future belongs to those who understand DNA as material in real terms. It belongs to those who understand the common quality shared by DNA, information, and idea. Again, patterns that connect beautifully after a closer look.

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Ellen Jorgensen
Biotech Without Borders
Biotech Without Borders
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Oliver Medvedik
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