When The Drugs Don´t Work

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Pioneer Eran Eden and his MeMed team from Israel invented the impossible – a blood test that tells you if you are suffering from a bacterial or a viral infection and whether you should be treated with antibiotics or a simple chicken soup.

The wonder product is called: ImmunoXpert™. This is a novel assay that accurately distinguishes between bacterial and viral infections based on the patient immune response to different infection types. The blood test provides physicians with rapid and actionable clinical information to help guide antibiotic treatment decisions.

“Ideas are easy” Edan said, “making products is hard”. What makes his work so amazing is that it can put an end to the misuse, overuse as well as underuse of antibiotics.

And the work Eran Eden and his team has been recognized: MeMed won the prestigious GE and Science Prize for Promising Life Scientists!

“Our biggest indicator has been the immune system – as simple as it sounds”, Eden concluded. Lots of false alarms and the rise of resistance bacteria might now finally be a problem of the past thanks to incredible work of MeMed.

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