Where's The Money?

DLD conference

Deborah Mei (Raine Group), Oliver Samwer (European Funders Fund), Martin Weiss (Burda Principal Investments) and Stefan Winners (Hubert Burda Media) discussed venture global investments - the good news: Europe is catching up

• Strategic capital for most of the venture money investing in the internet has been an interesting ride for foreign investors

• Looking at Rocket, their number one ingredient is the following: starting a company from scratch as well as investing at the right time

• Increased investments mainly go to sectors such as FinTech, market place, e-commerce, retail margin as well as B2B models

• In Europe, there is a very clear cap for internet investments, more so on the market side

• Oliver: "It doesn't matter if you have a 100 or a handful companies, you simply have to perform"

• From a venture perspective, emerging markets such as Indonesia are interesting markets that are going forward and should not be ignored

• The panels prediction into the future: Venture capital in 5 years will be a lot bigger, with global investments coming out of China