Why the digital economy has failed

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The first panel of DLDnyc 2016 is opened by the author and media theorist Dr. Douglas Rushkoff and the journalist Andrian Kreye (Sueddeutsche Zeitung), who were talking about Douglas' new book "Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus - How Growth Became The Enemy Of Prosperity".

Douglas argues that the digital economy has gone wrong: "This isn’t the fault of digital technology at all, but the way we are deploying it. Instead of building the distributed digital economy these new networks could foster, we are doubling down on the industrial age mandate for growth above all." On the long run this will be unsustainable for economy. The digital economy is breaking things. The media can’t seem to survive digitalization. Above all he criticized that people are not working for themselves anymore, but only for the companies. "This works as long as we have an economy that grows. But we should start delivering dividends to your shareholders today", he says.

If corporations are to survive they must evolve. "Is there still hope?", asked Andrian at the end of the discussion. "Yes of course – tremendous hope", Douglas answered.

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Andrian Kreye
Süddeutsche Zeitung GmbH
Editor of the Feuilleton
Süddeutsche Zeitung GmbH
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Douglas Rushkoff
Author, Teacher, and Documentarian / Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics
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