Workshop! Healthy Lifestyle 101

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Astrid Purzer is the founder of Detox Delight, the first delivery service of fresh juices and nutritional cleanses. The attendees to the workshop learnt how to make a detox program and how to make delicious and healthy juices and smoothies. The guidelines were simple and they were backed with complete explanations and examples.

Some of the tips from Astrid were, in summary: Go green (chlorophyll is a powerfull detox), Choose living foods (try to eat something raw everyday), eat a rainbow (a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables will protect us from free radicals), cut down sugar (use Stevia leafs instead), avoid gluten (most of us have a degree of intolerance), reduce animal protein (not only in the meat but also in the dairy products), eat light to heavy (not only in the course of a meal but also in the course of the day), cleanse regularly (5 days is an ideal pause for the body), work our and make sport (engage yourself with regular training) and relax.

Adapting these rules to our daily lifes can bring us more energy, a better sleep, a better skin and basically a better health which will allow a more enjoyable existence.

One last tip: if you are going to have an alcoholic drink, choose vodka with plenty of water and a splash of fresh juice. Astrid Purzer assures this would be the lesser evil.

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