Workshop: The Art of Screwing / Die Feine Art des Vögelns

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Birgit Querengässer reads from her book “Die Feine Art des Vöglens”. Here are some quotes from the session on the art of screwing.

Truth about Sex:

“There are onle 3 different positions, everything else is gymnastics.”

“The clitoris, ladies is more than 4 inches long, most of it is hidden inside the body though for aestehitc reasons. A four inch long organ dangling between our legs would be disgusting.”


“They say a look is worth a thousand words. The truth is eye contact is a primitive form of communication... Several minutes of starring at each other may be the moment a sparkling flirt begins.”

“Linegrie - a wide range of it can seduce a man. If you’re unsure of your partners taste... keep in mind - what would a hooker do?”


“The many holes of the human body - a blessing and curse at the same time.”

Sentences sexual partners love:

“I think erotic charisma doesn’t develop before a certain age.”

“Masturbation? Since I know you I don’t need that anymore.”

“Flawless people are so boring.”

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