World in Transition - Intro

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Albert Wenger, Managing Partner at Union Square Venture", starts this session with a bold question: "Are we the Horse?" From the forager age to the agriarian and the industrial age, innovations were non-linear and complementary. We are still in the industrial age as most of the large corporations come from this age, but we already see a set of highly non-linear and discruptive companies and technologies. And as the horse got replaced by cars, now drivers are getting replaced by technology if we think of Google Cars. There is a lot of transition happening but transitions are very brutal as well. Early farmers lived shorter and also in the early age of industralisation there were heavy problems, e.g. child labor. It always takes longer for society to change accordingly when a technology was introduced. So the big questions in these days are the following: Where does motivation of the people come from? Will it still be money? How will the unit of goverment be? What about Intellectual Property? Personal and individual property and the idea of strong copyrights are very new ideas and shouldn't be necessarily a good idea for the future as well. How about privacy? Is it going to be about protecting data or protecting the people? How will people make a Living? How will be deal with abundance? We are coming from an age of scarcity which is gradually changing. So with all these questions in the back and the new technological changes there is one threat: Mankind has not been very good in transitions. We don't want it to overwhelm us and we should ask us the question early on: What Will You Build?

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