You are what you eat – The Future of Food

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A healthy diet is important – but often hard to implement in the daily life. Edward Shenderovich (Kite Ventures) welcomed on stage Josh Hix (Plated), Esther Dyson (HICCUP) and Chuck Templeton (S2G Ventures) to talk about the future of food. When it comes to a healthy and balanced nutrition there is one thing that threatens this goal the most: sugar. "Sugar is more addictive than cocaine", said Chuck, former CEO of OpenTable. "But nevertheless we give it to our children." More and more people all over the world get diabetes, which is a big issue. "Sugar is always present, that"s why it is really complicated to change our eating behavior", explained Esther Dyson. Then she asked the audience, who tries to eat less sugar – and 90 percent of the people raised their hands. "...and who had cookies before for dessert?" Awkward silence.

"We need a public debate about eating habits"

But how can this problem be solved? "First of all we need information on a fundamental level", said Edward Shenderovich. "On the one hand we live in a society that each much better and much worse at the same time. So we have to reeducate the people." How this could look like showed Josh Hix, Co-Founder and CEO of, which is on a mission to make it easy to eat well by rebuilding the perishable food supply chain and empowering people to cook more. There are also other technologies who will be helping people to eat healthier. The company MycoTechnology for example is working on a Revolutionary ingredient that could improve the taste and functionality of stevia, coffee and cacao. Edward concluded that on the one hand food is a very important aspect of our daily life but on the other hand there is no public debate about eating habits. That has to change – but it's not going to happen overnight.

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