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DLD News


Billions of Voices

Jack Heyward-Tuck

“This is about hearing a call, about raising an alarm. Connect, engage and share with others who want to see change” so say the founder’s of Chime for Change, a new platform and initiative created ...

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An Exhibition by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid's array auditorium seats were deisgned for Poltrona Frau, and will be presented within the Multiplicities exhibition, in Milan this April. At DLD13 Zaha Hadid was awarded the Aenne ...

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Rise and Fall of Apartheid

Jeanny Gering

Two men in their 80’s, one white one black, stand in front of a small audience at Haus der Kunst in Munich and embrace each other. This spontaneous demonstration of a heartfelt friendship between ...

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