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DLD News


Mobility and Culture

Ocana was a car designer at various companies working on innovative and luxurious vehicles, but it was only after being fired three times from different car companies that Ocana came to realize ...

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What You Need to Know About Corruption

The anti-democrat: a person who doesn’t like democracy. Lessig spoke of the plight of the modern anti-democrat. As recent as 200 years ago there were very few democracies, now nearly 100% of ...

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Jason versus Jason

Jason Wishnow, who was integral in the creation of the TED video format, interviewed VICE news’ Jason Mojica. Vice News began as a show on VBS.TV which was VICE’s earliest experiment with online ...

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The Future of Money

Professor Jeff Jarvis moderates this interesting panel that brings together some innovators that are playing a role in the disruption of the financial system and the bank system through digital. ...

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Next Formats

Digital-Strategy and Media Consultant Cindy Stivers moderates a panel about the upcoming generation of media formats. Steven Levy is editor-in-chief of Backchannel, a publication dedicated to ...

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Play Magnus

Here are a few snapshots of what goes on in the mind of Magnus Carlson: "When a computer looks at a position, it will see all the different possibilities and calculate many moves ahead. For me, ...

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Disrupting Science Research With A Social Network

David Kirkpatrick opens with the question that is on everyone’s mind, "So what is Researchgate?” It is a social network for scientists in which every scientist in the world can share and ...

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Danish Dynamite

***Design is turning the practical into poetry***

Jimmy Maymann from Huffington Post and Bjarke Ingels share today DLDNYC stage and make some Danish dynamite explode through a great conversation about architecture, design, cities and nature. The ...

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Gadi Amit: Making Technology Human

Ben Rooney

The future is supposed to belong to wearables, but try to find anyone today prepared to wear Google Glass in public. Even Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who for a while had a pair seemingly fused ...

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It's only the beginning!

Stephanie Czerny

The real digital revolution hasn’t happened in the nineties. We are experiencing it right now. What we’ve seen in recent years; it was only the beginning. And that’s this year's theme of DLD. The ...

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Jeanny Gering
an interview with Alexander S. Kekuléè

Virologist Alexander Kekulé is a specialist in bio-security research. A field that explores how societies can be protected from infectious diseases such as the Ebola virus. Although Kekulé sees ...

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