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DLD News


"AI equals new superpowers for people"

Clemens Fetzer
Humans & Machines – Paul Daugherty in conversation with Greg Williams

Without doubt, Artificial Intelligence will impact the way we work and live in the near future. AI applications based on machine learning, neural networks and data, are progressing at a fast pace ...

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“Facebook is not the digital wild west!”

Ricarda Landgrebe
Building community in a polarized world

Sunday at DLD Munich started with Elliot Schrage’s for Facebook surprisingly open and self-critical keynote. He is Vice President of Public Policy and Communication at Facebook, where he oversees ...

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5 Ways to Fix the Future

Marlien Koch

Andrew Keen was among the earliest to write about the dangers that the Internet poses to our society and culture. This February the internet critic is publishing his new book „How to Fix The ...

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Gabriel pushes Europe to take bigger risks!

Ricarda Landgrebe

One of the early highlights of DLD Munich 2018 was the panel with German Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). He started his speech about Europe’s digital future with a ...

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Important Information for all DLD-attendees!

DLD18 kick-off sessions are starting today. We are fully booked and due to security restrictions we can only allow a limited number of guests to access the Literaturhaus. Nevertheless, you wont ...

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3 Questions to Hans Ulrich Obrist

Through the history of mankind, courageous artists were at the forefront of paradigm shifts and disruptive upheaval. Being the artistic seismographs of unprecedented societal upbeat and ...

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FC Bayern HackDays

From January 19-22, FC Bayern will for the first time host the “FC Bayern HackDays”. In cooperation with FC Bayern, DLD will showcase the concept and result of the club´s first-ever hackathon. The ...

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3 Questions to Scott Galloway

1,1 Million people watched Scott Galloways DLD- talk on “The Four Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google“. We are excited to welcome the DLD superstar, number cruncher and NYU professor back ...

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Startup Day`N´Nite

The first invite-only conference by Burda Bootcamp for founders and investors to learn from each other, network and grill together!

Prior to our flagship DLD Munich 18 conference, a startup conference by Burda Bootcamp will take place on January 20, 2018. “We don't think the world needs just another startup conference - ...

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We are excited to announce not only the dates for next year´s DLD flagship conference in Munich: January 20-22, 2018, but also the theme and first set of speakers! RECONQUER Reconquer is DLD´s ...

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DLD Salon San Francisco

DLD hosted its annual Salon in San Francisco. Despite pouring rain 90 guests followed the invitation to the Samovar Tea Lounge. A diverse group of guests, among them Dean Ornish, Gary Reback, ...

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DLD Salon New York

As the year is coming to an end DLD hosted its annual DLD Salon Breakfast in New York. 200 People met and mingled in the open space of our friends Amol Sarva and Edward Shenderovich from Knotel. ...

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The Player of the Century

Eigenarten - A Pianist's Thoughts On Digitization And Europe

As a special delight, star pianist Igor Levit, talked with journalist Gabi Czöppan at the end of our very first DLD Berlin. Igor Levit plays the piano since he is three years old. He is winner ...

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Pushing the Boundaries of AI

From speech recognition to automatic driving, AI applications are advancing at a fast pace. Artificial neural networks combined with big data will continue to impact the way we work, communicate ...

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