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DLD News


Deloitte LeaderIn Event

The location of the Deloitte LeadIn Event was an inspiration in itself. BRLO Browhouse is made of four used shipping containers and stylishly designed. As delicious beer and food was passed around ...

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Next Stop: Sustainability

DLD Design & Entrepreneurship Tour

After a packed day of inspiring and insightful talks at DLD Berlin, we headed out for a ride through the city with our very own design bus, co-curated by Berlin Partner. The tour was conceived by ...

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Signals for the Future

Signals Beer & Sausage Night

A wonderful two days of conference ended with the kind invitation from the signals Team. At their Open Studio launch speakers, attendees of DLD Berlin and the signals network met to while away the ...

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Dear Next Bundesregierung

A Digital Agenda for the Coming Coalition

The coalition talks of the next German government are well underway, and one of the hot topics will be its future digital agenda. During the election campaign Angela Merkel repeatedly said that ...

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Acton Capital Partners Dinner

Surrounding our DLD conferences and the super packed program are several exciting side events. After the first full day of panels and discussions at DLD Berlin, our partner Acton Capital Partners ...

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Food for Thought

Otto Group Media Lunch

Following an engaging talk on the Brave New Customer and the future of retail, Torsten Ahlers, CEO of Otto Group Media, hosted an exclusive lunch for the DLD community, friends and partners in ...

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"Colleagues are also competitors”

Business Creativity, Innovation And Friendship

What stimulates creativity and innovation? What is the secret to a successful company? DLD’s very own Steffi Czerny has a unique answer to this question. It’s friendship. Steffi had noticed that a ...

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The Email Killer

Key Trends in the Future of Work

One of the highly anticipated panels at DLD Berlin was the talk of Stewart Butterfield and Stefan Winners. The Co-Founder and CEO of Slack and the Member of the Executive Board of Hubert Burda ...

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DLD Berlin Speakers´ Dinner

As much as we are on the hunt for the next big thing, the newest trends, the rising stars and the smartest thinkers, we also cherish our traditions. One of our favorites is the “Speakers’ Dinner”: ...

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Leadership in the Digital Age

The german proverb “der Fisch stinkt vom Kopf” translates into English simply as “the problem is at the top”. This notion that an outdated leadership style can be a company’s downfall, was ...

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DLD in the Media

The invitation of DLD and Serpentine Galleries Artistic Director Hans Ulrich Obrist to London, where the annual Serpentine Marathon – a veritable festival of brave ideas – commenced with a DLD ...

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Berlin calling!

We are on the final sprint for our first DLD Berlin, premiering on October 26/27, 2017. “I am delighted to be visiting the capital with our international DLD network, friends and partners for the ...

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DLD Salon Breakfast in London

DLD Salon Breakfast in London took place on the occasion of the annual Serpentine “Guest, Ghost, Host: Machine!“- Marathon. The forward-thinking DLD and Serpentine communities once again connected ...

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Tackling Climate Change in Turbulent Political Times

Caio Koch-Weser, former chairman of European Climate Foundation in Berlin, talks to Laurence Tubiana of the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations about important ...

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