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DLD News


“Look for your soulmate”

Marc Samwer at DLD Campus Lecture

At DLD Campus Lecture, Marc Samwer, CEO of Global Founders Capital, talked to Stefan Winners, board member national digital brands at Hubert Burda Media, about the stellar ascent of the Samwer ...

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"Engineers are the Stars“

Nina Weber

As the innovation of technology shows no sign of slowing down, all entrepreneurs must think about what keeps them competitive. Florian Leibert (Mesosphere) hosted the DLD panel about engineering ...

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It’s Okay to Say Vagina

Sabina Kist

Celmatix, Elvie, Clue, Prelude Fertility – Women’s health tech companies are up and coming. But still, in a men dominated tech- and investment-world, the struggle is real. Ina Fried, chief ...

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"AI equals new superpowers for people"

Humans & Machines – Paul Daugherty in conversation with Greg Williams

Without doubt, Artificial Intelligence will impact the way we work and live in the near future. AI applications based on machine learning, neural networks and data, are progressing at a fast pace ...

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"Always focus on customers, not on competitors"

Interview with Stewart Butterfield

One of the early highlights of DLDBerlin's premiere was Stewart Butterfield's talk on the future of work. The serial entrepreneur co-founded Flickr in 2004 and is now back with his business ...

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What does it take to be a good entrepreneur?

Often entrepreneurs are referred to as being some kind of vigorous heroe. As there is definitely a fair amount of courage involved, the answer to what it takes to be a good entrepreneur can’t be ...

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What is the Future of Berlin?

Creative Forces in Urban Landscapes

“Poor but sexy” is one of many cliché catch phrases that describe Berlin. In 2003, when the city’s former mayor Klaus Wowereit came up with the phrase, it still rung true. Berlin was just ...

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Signals for the Future

Signals Beer & Sausage Night

A wonderful two days of conference ended with the kind invitation from the signals Team. At their Open Studio launch speakers, attendees of DLD Berlin and the signals network met to while away the ...

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"Colleagues are also competitors”

Business Creativity, Innovation And Friendship

What stimulates creativity and innovation? What is the secret to a successful company? DLD’s very own Steffi Czerny has a unique answer to this question. It’s friendship. Steffi had noticed that a ...

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The Email Killer

Key Trends in the Future of Work

One of the highly anticipated panels at DLD Berlin was the talk of Stewart Butterfield and Stefan Winners. The Co-Founder and CEO of Slack and the Member of the Executive Board of Hubert Burda ...

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Three is a magic number

Stewart Butterfield is back at DLD. The serial entrepreneur and digital visionary made his début in 2005 at the very first DLD conference together with his then-wife, Caterina Fake, with whom he ...

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Magic of Sweden

Romy Mlinzk

The winner takes it all - what could fit better to describe Sweden's success, not only in music. But let's start with a legend in music - Bjoern Ulvaeus, music producer and former member of ...

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Future Of Retail

Markus Braun (Wirecard), William Kim (AllSaints), Johannes Steegmann (REWE Digital) and Liz Bacelar (TheCurrent) were discussing the importance of customer data in retail. • Bacelar: We should ...

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Southern Super-Hub I

Romy Mlinzk

Crazy stuff here in Munich. • many regions will play a significant role in the future, not only Silicon Valley • local neighborhood, micro-ecosystems ** Frederik Brantner, Magazino** • Serial ...

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