Burda Forward

Burda Forward

Company: Burda Forward
Fields of operation: Media, Digital, Technology

BurdaForward publishes and markets a large selection of very popular journalistic services, including Focus Online, Chip, HuffPost, Finanzen100, NetMoms and The Weather Channel. In doing so, the company reaches almost 39,4 million people in Germany – 66% of German internet users (AGOF digital-facts 2017-09).

Most BurdaForward portals are considered leaders in their field: Focus Online is Germany’s number 1 news portal, while Chip.de is the number 1 computer and digital portal.

Marketing is performed by the BurdaForward Advertising subsidiary. The branding service includes high-profile display and video formats and innovative native concepts. In addition to the BurdaForward portals, BurdaForward Advertising also manages marketing for notable services from other companies, for example TV Spielfilm, Xing and HolidayCheck.

Oliver Eckert is the Chairman of the Board of BurdaForward GmbH. His fellow managing directors are Thomas Koelzer, Martin Lütgenau, Daniel Steil und Tanja zu Waldeck. The company is part of the digital division of Hubert Burda Media.