Company: BurdaLife
Fields of operation: Media, Entertainment

BurdaLife publishes successful media brands in the general interest divisions entertainment & women. Week after week 8.24 million people (MA I/2016) read their favorite magazines by BurdaLife, notably the number 1 of entertaining weekly women magazines in terms of coverage and circulation: Freizeit Revue (2.2 million readers MA I/2016 and 740 775 sold copies IVW I/2016).

BurdaLife’s portfolio also includes the weekly women’s magazine Lisa among others, a strong brand that has produced many line extensions in the special interest area and is also successful in international markets with licenses in eight Eastern European and Asian countries (state 2016). Super Illu, Eastern Germany’s most popular media brand also belongs to BurdaLife, as well as other weekly magazines such as Freizeit Spass, Neue Woche, Frau im Trend, Viel Spaß and Glücks Revue. The Guter Rat consumer magazine and the entertainment magazine Freizeit Exklusiv as well as Freizeit Aktuell are published monthly and the mindstyle magazine Ma vie appears every two months. BurdaLife also publishes many puzzle magazines as well as digital puzzle formats under the strong Freizeit Revue brand umbrella among others.