Frankfurt, Germany


Company: Lufthansa
Fields of operation: Business (non digital) Professional Service
Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

The Lufthansa Group consists of the Network-Airlines Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines plus the point-to-point Airlines Eurowings and Brussels Airlines. In total, the Lufthansa Group takes care of 1,700 planes per day and transports 300,000 passengers on about 2,800 flights daily. Air travel is viewed as a hands-on and analog business. However, the Lufthansa Group enriches the travel experience for its passengers with digital services. Apps, bots, virtual- and augmented-reality are just some examples. The exclusive FlyingLab In-Flight-Conference is the most tangible and visible event to experience digital transformation 30,000 feet above ground.

Lufthansa is the first and only airline to offer exclusive inflight conferences. Every FlyingLab establishes a thematic reference to an event at the destination. Hereby, Lufthansa offers its guests an efficient use of their travel time as well as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Passengers can follow a live video stream of the speakers in a split screen on any WIFI-enabled device. During each presentation, passengers can use the in-flight streaming system to send written questions to the moderator. During each FlyingLab Event, passengers not only are able to be part of an in-flight conference but are also given the opportunity to test innovative gadgets and wearables.

Further, we are working on connections to new platforms: During each flight the on-board Wifi FlyNet transmits highly accurate real-time flight data to the Lufthansa smartphone app as well as any Apple Watch. “Mildred” premiered as first Facebook Messenger chatbot to assist users in finding the cheapest fares for selected routes within the Lufthansa Group. Further bots with more services are to follow. Also the spoken communication with machines offers new possibilities to interact with the airline.

Virtual reality and 360-degree-videos offer new possibilities to showcase destinations and plane cabins. These technologies allow the viewer to be visually and emotionally immersed into new places. Not only does such an experience foster the desire to see new destinations, but it also demonstrates the spaciousness of Premium Economy class seats, for instance. Through adding the matching smell, sound, temperature and airflow to the visual image, a completely new sensory experience is created – on the ground. Visit us at the Lufthansa booth at DLD and take your seat in the Sensory Reality Pod. Enjoy the original Lufthansa service en-route to Mauritius or San Francisco. Let us take you – in a world premier – on the Sensory Reality Pod Experience.

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