Düsseldorf, Germany


Stratfact carre
Company: StrategyFacts
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Business (non digital), Professional Service

StrategyFacts is a market intelligence and custom research service provided by Siegenheim & Cie., a leading advisory and investment firm focused on the changing market and technology environments in the digital media.

StrategyFacts is a service and application which combines intelligence data and leading industry analysis with a focus on the leading players of the digital economy. We provide a comprehensive picture about dedicated industry players - starting with “StrategyFacts on Google”, but we will expand our portfolio of covered companies soon. Using you will not any more miss any relevant information and get new insights into their strategies.

StrategyFacts is much more than a common company tracker. It covers and provides all aspects to observe and supports a thorough understanding of the strategies of the major players of the digital era. Our focus is on company strategies, product innovation and development, financial analysis and forecasts, acquisitions and investments, partnerships and alliances, patents and technology innovation. The website applies modern web technologies to organize and provide available intelligence and insights.