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Company: Versal
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Education
Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook

Versal is an open platform connecting teachers, learners and developers to transform online learning and make education accessible to everyone.

With Versal's course creator, anyone can easily create and publish interactive online courses, tutorials and how-to guides – no coding required. Structure lessons and customize an ever-growing library of 30+ learning gadgets to add content, interactive exercises and simulations. Once completed, courses can be embedded in websites or blogs, or published to the Versal course catalog.

Gadgets, like apps on a smartphone, are the key to Versal's interactive course creation platform. And with our upcoming SDK (currently in private beta), developers around the world will have the ability to build powerful and customizable gadgets. The result: instructors will have virtually unlimited ways to explain new concepts and help people learn better online.

Because gadgets make courses interactive, learning on Versal is both fun and effective. The Versal course catalog, launched in late May, features a variety of interesting and useful free courses, and is open to anyone with a desire to learn.

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