Vienna, Austria


Yasssu carre
Company: Yasssu
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook

Over recent years a number of factors have led to a reduction in journalistic independence among mainstream publishers. To counteract that alarming trend the Austrian start-up YASSSU will in March 2012 launch the world’s first media discussion platform equally emphasizing mainstream and alternative media. The platform puts decision power back in the hands of the user, letting them decide which source to trust and to support while utilizing a intuitive user interface.

Yasssu's new platform easily connects blog writers, aspiring and professional journalists and news consumers. It invites users to share opinions, evaluate news articles and finally come clean. It enables them to create, compare, support or oppose each others channels and vote news items up or down. Yasssu also provides the technology to fully monetize users content. Be the first to publish and experience unbiased news on-demand, on any mobile device (apps for iPhone, iPad and Android).

Media companies such as Hubert Burda Media leverage YASSSU’s unique technology to distribute their multimedia services globally! YASSSU Media Partners benefit from the delivery of their content onto every mobile device and the global reach of their products.

YASSSU Media Solutions involve the creation of unique mobile news services (e.g. the audio service of Germany’s weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT). Moreover, YASSSU takes existing multimedia services and maximizes their reach, leveraging the YASSSU platform and a global network of media distributors.

YASSSU Media Partners benefit from access to globally dispersed customer target groups, highly differentiated mobile news products and attractive revenue streams.