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Aaron Mankovski
Pitango Venture Capital
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Aaron Mankovski

Company: Pitango Venture Capital
Title: Managing General Partner
Location: Israel
Fields of operation: Investor, Start-up

Aaron Mankovski's tenure in venture capital started in 1996 when he co-founded Eucalyptus Ventures, and has served as Managing Director since that time. He continued as Managing General Partner of Pitango Venture Capital since the merger of the Eucalyptus and Pitango management groups in 2000. Prior to joining the Venture industry, Aaron had 16 years of experience in Executive Management in the high-technology sector in Israel and abroad. Prior to founding Eucalyptus, he served as Corporate Vice President of Orbotech Ltd.(NASDAQ: ORBK), responsible for worldwide operations, sales and customer support. From 1986 to 1993, Aaron served as President and CEO of Orbotech Inc, HQ in Boston USA., where he also guided the merger of Orbot and Optrotech that led to the establishment of Orbotech. He previously was a sales executive at IBM.Aaron holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistics from Tel Aviv University and has also served as a pilot in the Israeli Air Force. Aaron served on the Board of Directors of Chromatis Networks (acquired by Lucent for $4.5 Billion). He currently serves on numerous Board of Directors of Pitango portfolio companies. Aaron was elected in 2009 to serve as the Chairman of the HighTech Industries Association (HTIA, formerly known as IVA) where he led the transformation of the organization from a venture capital organization to an organization representing the entire High Tech Industry in Israel. Later in 2011 the association merged with Israel Life Science Association (ILSI) to create Israel Advance Technology Industries (IATI). Aaron completed his tenure in 2012. Aaron also serves on the board of Governors of the Tel Aviv University and the board of the Foundation of the Israeli Philharmonic orchestra