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Adalbert Wilhelm
Jacobs University Bremen
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Adalbert Wilhelm

Company: Jacobs University Bremen
Title: Professor
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Dr. Adalbert Wilhelm is Professor at BIGSSS, Jacobs University Bremen (http://www.jacobs-university.de/directory/awilhelm).
He holds a habilitation and a doctoral degree in mathematics. His main research interests are in data-driven classification, data and information visualization, exploratory data analysis, data mining and knowledge management. He uses a broad spectrum of computer-based methods for model building, hypothesis generation and data exploration. He published on the interactive visual approaches, on a theoretical statistics framework of interactive operations and graphics components, and on knowledge creation and transfer in online communities. He conducted research projects on semi-automatic classification of images, face recognition and keyword searches in online texts. Recently, he applied classification approaches to data of military conflicts.