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Adam Sadowsky
Syyn Labs
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Adam Sadowsky

Company: Syyn Labs
Title: President
Location: Los Angeles, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: asadowsky

Adam Sadowsky is the president of Syyn Labs a collective of talented people that bring aesthetics and engineering together to create really nifty interactive art. In addition to engineering interactive art, Sadowsky is one of the organizers of Mindshare LA, a monthly event where people across disciplines come together to share ideas. He is also the co-founder and vice president of the IBD Foundation, providing support to people with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, having been diagnosed with the latter in 1984. Syyn Labs is perhaps most famous for the creation of a music video for the band, OK Go. "This Too Shall Pass" is a feat of engineering that has been watched on YouTube over 40 million times.