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Mohan Agashe
D.A.T.E. (Developing Awareness Through Entertainment)-Honorary Director
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Mohan Agashe

Company: D.A.T.E. (Developing Awareness Through Entertainment)-Honorary Director
Title: Consultant in Mental Health; Honorary Director
Fields of operation: Life & Health
Twitter: mohan_agashe

Dr. Mohan Agashe, a Psychiatrist who opted to work in a government hospital rather than to go in for the much more lucrative world of private practice, so as to have equal time to devote to his first love, 'acting'. Agashe has been acknowledged as one of the finest actors on the stage and screen, in the seventies and eighties. Beginning with an acting tour-de-force as the machiavellian Nana Phadnavis in Vijay Tendulkar's internationally acclaimed play Ghashiram Kotwal, Agashe went on to great heights in a succession of plays and award winning films by masters like Satyajit Ray, Mira Nair, Shyam Benegal, Gautam Ghose and Jabbar Patel. But his greatest contribution to the Indian Theatre in general and Marathi Theatre in particular has been his pioneering work in introducing concept of Grips Theatre Berlin in India in 1986 which today has become a self sustained movement. As an honorary Director of "Theatre" Academy - Grips Project" he produced in collaboration with Grips Theatre, Berlin and Max Mueller Bhavan excellent yet meaningful realistic plays which opened a new chapter in Indian theatre for Children and Youth besides conducting several workshop all over India on Grips methodology with the help of Goethe Institute branches in India. He was awarded 'The Goethe Medal' - Official Decoration of German Government, by the President of The Goethe Institut in March 2004. He also introduced contemporary Indian Theatre to Europe and North America as an actor-manager of Theatre Academy's overseas tours to present Vijay Tendulkar's folk musical play ‘Ghashiram Kotwal’ invited to International Theatre Festivals of Berlin (Festwochen 1980), Lille (1980) Belgrade (BITEF 1989) Quebec (1986) and Baltimore (Theatre of Nations 1986) besides guest performances in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Moscow, and many cities of North America He was Theatre Consultant in 1987 to Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and in charge of the Theatre Program for the Festival of India in former USSR. Recipient of Prestigious ‘Bundesverdienskreuz’ (The Cross of Order of Merit) from the President of Federal Republic of Germany in 2002 and Sangeet Natak Academy Award for Theatre (Highest National Honour in Arts in 1996, he was conferred ‘Padma Shri’ by President of India in 1990. Besides he has been recipient of International Theatre Institute (German Branch) hospitation programme in Berlin in 1984, Homi Bhabha Fellowship in 1985, Nadikar Theatre Contribution award in 1991. And Northbrook Society's ABCS (Association of British Council Scholars) Scholarship (1993) On medical side, he initiated a project to strengthen the mental health education and service in 1988, which resulted in Maharashtra Government adopting a new Mental Health Policy. As a Mental Health Advisor to Government of Maharashtra, he established Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health (State level Training and Research Institute) at Pune in 1991 of which he is the founder Director-Professor. He helped Maharashtra Government to reorganize the Mental Health Services in the State. He initiated psychosocial rehabilitation of victims of Latur earthquake of 1993 and was the Principal Investigator of a Research Project undertaken by ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) Centre for Advanced Research to study the Health Consequences of Earthquake disaster in 1994. Currently he is the Principal Investigator of an Indo-US joint Research Project on "Cultural Disorders of Fatigue and Weakness". He was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Annual National conference of Indian Psychiatric Society held at Armed Forces Medical College, Pune in January 2001. In 1997 Dr. Agashe was invited to occupy the chair of Director of the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, where he continued till April 2002. * In the moment he is* Consultant in Mental Health Honorary Director D.A.T.E. (Developing Awareness Thru’ Entertainment) *In the past, he has been* Advisor in Mental Health, Government of Maharashtra, 2006 to 2009 Director-Professor Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health, Pune and Ex-officio Professor and Head, Department of Psychiatry, B.J. Medical College and Sassoon General Hospitals, Pune (1991-March 1997 and July 2002- July 2005) Director, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune (April 1997-April 2002) Honorary President of Theatre Academy, Pune (1985-1991) Non-official Director on the Board of National Film Development Corporation (NFDC 1985-1987) Theatre Consultant to Indian Council for Cultural Relations (1987)