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Ahmet Özer
Trader Media East Ltd.
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Ahmet Özer

Company: Trader Media East Ltd.
Title: CEO
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Fields of operation: Media, Digital, Technology

In 2010, Ahmet Ozer became the CEO of Trader Media East and moved to Moscow to run the company's publishing operations in 7 countries and its transformation to digital media. Since mid 2011 he is conducting this position together with the general directorship of Russian operating entity Pronto Media. After working in various companies, he joined Dogan Group in 1997. As the head of business development division, Ahmet contributed to the new strategy of the Group in non-media investments and played a key role in the execution of the Group's projects in the energy sector. In 2005 he joined Hurriyet as the head of business development and investor relations. Between 2005-2008, he contributed to the digitalization strategy and international expansion of Hurriyet. After that, he led the company's digital media operations for 2 years. Ahmet Ozer, has a BA degree from Bogazici University, Istanbul.