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Alemsah Öztürk
41? 29!
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Alemsah Öztürk

Company: 41? 29!
Title: Founder & Chief Happiness Officer
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: Alemsah

Born in 1977, Alemsah Ozturk is the Chief Happiness Officer & Founder of 41? 29! since 2007. He started his career as art director creating websites for brands, earning awards. He quickly recognised as one of the top talents in Turkey and at the age of 24, he became the youngest creative director in Turkey. After becoming Creative Director, Ozturk spent his time honing skills and bringing innovation into market with different approaches. At 2007, he founded 41? 29!, a digital marketing agency which became one of the well known creative agency in the market in a very short time. 41? 29! Has won more that 70+ awards in 5 years with innovative projects.