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Alex Hofman
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Alex Hofman

Company: musical.ly
Title: President North America

Tech entrepreneur Alex Hofmann has a passion for creating innovative apps, websites and online communities that encourage a happier, more connected world. Not only is Hofmann adept at nurturing creative and business opportunities in highly successful digital endeavors, he understands how to effectively bring people together around dedicated social networks.

Currently, Hofmann is President of musical.ly (North America), a video social network that celebrates daily life with videos recorded in 15 seconds or less. Shortly after launching in 2014, musical.ly founders Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang offered Hofmann a position leading the platform’s expansion efforts. Within three months of joining the team, app downloads increased from 200 to 500,000 per day. musical.ly has since grown exponentially, with over 160 million users globally.

Designed to connect people all over the world and encourage self-expression, musical.ly delivers instant video experiences to the hands of its users, dubbed “musers,” with special tools and features that bring each moment to life. As an outlet for singing, dancing, comedy, lip-syncing and more— musical.ly offers a fun place for users to create content, showcase interests, and share videos in ways that align with current conversations and trends across social networks. In June of 2016, musical.ly released its breakout livestreaming platform live.ly, which provides the musical.ly community with a broader canvas on which they can express themselves. Immediately following its official launch, live.ly began trending and hit the number one spot in 8 countries in the iOS app store.

Building on Hofmann’s vision to foster happy and connected communities, users of musical.ly have proven to be engaging, personable and spirited as they interact with one another on and off the platform. This devoted audience continues to expand and diversify across all demographics.

Previous to the international success of musical.ly, Hofmann founded several app companies and built many online communities including one of the largest German expat blog networks in the world. Inaddition,heplayedaninstrumentalroleatSAP—theworld’slargestenterprisesoftware company— leading teams as Director of Marketing and Product Management. For his hard work and dedication to the company, he was awarded the High Potential Fellow distinction five years in a row. Most recently, Hofmann was featured in Variety Magazine as one of “30 Execs to Watch” in its 2017 Digital Entertainment Impact Report, spotlighting executives uniquely poised to make an impact in the industry in 2017. A German native, Hofmann currently resides in Los Angeles.