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Alexander Turkot
Maxfield Capital Management, Unifors
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Alexander Turkot

Company: Maxfield Capital Management, Unifors
Title: Founder and CEO,Owner
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Finance

Alexander Turkot is Founder and Managing Partner of Maxfield Capital Venture Fund with focus on early stage IT and internet projects. In 2010-2012 Alexander Turkot worked as Executive Director of the Strategic Computer Technologies and Software Cluster and was responsible for the initiation all information technology (IT) projects at Skolkovo Foundation. Alexander has over twenty five years of combined global experience in consulting at various venture funds and private investors in both IT and telecommunications. He also founded start-up companies in Israel, the US and Europe. He worked at IBM, and most recently in 2007 he set up a partnership with News Corporation to create Fox Interactive Media - MySpace Russia, where he was CEO and managing partner. Alexander is a recognized industry leader and a member of a number of industry groups and government agencies, including Russia’s Government Expert Council. Alexander is an advisor to the President of Skolkovo foundation and member of Microsoft Seed Fund jury. Alexander holds a MSc in Computer & Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Economics.