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Alexander von Preysing
Deutsche Börse
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Alexander von Preysing

Company: Deutsche Börse
Title: Senior Vice President
Fields of operation: Finance

Alexander von Preysing joined Deutsche Börse in 1996. He was member of the core team that launched Neuer Markt, by the end of 1990s Europe’s leading technology market. He was Co-Founder of NeuerMarkt.com, which operated an investment portal in 2001. His responsibility included content syndication, content generation and all sales activities. Since 2002 he has lead and participated various projects for the development of issuer services, some of those positioning and organizing the German Equity Forum and the introduction of the Entry Standard, the Deutsche Börse primary market offering with a focus on small and medium-sized companies.

As senior vice president and head of Issuer Relations he was responsible for the development of market segments, the relationship management towards listed companies and the acquisition of domestic and international companies for Deutsche Börse´s primary market. He has been a member of the core team that launched Deutsche Börse Venture Network in June 2015. As Head of Investment Management of the Deutsche Börse Venture Network within Pre-IPO & Capital Markets, his responsibilities include all sales and investment management activities for the Deutsche Börse Venture Network.