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Alison Smale
International Herald Tribune
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Alison Smale

Company: International Herald Tribune
Title: Executive Editor
Location: Neuilly Cedex, France
Fields of operation: Media
Twitter: asmale_iht

Alison Smale is the executive editor of the International Herald Tribune, the global edition of The New York Times. As such, she organizes the day’s news report, plans coverage for the days ahead and is constantly involved in mapping out the global strategy for The New York Times Media Group. Ms. Smale came to the IHT from The New York Times, where she had been deputy foreign editor since March 2002. She joined the Times in July 1998 as weekend foreign editor. As AP Vienna bureau chief for Eastern Europe, Ms. Smale covered the fall of communism across Eastern Europe, the troubled transitions of Romania and Bulgaria, the rise of Slobodan Milosevic and Serbian nationalism and the 1990s wars in the Balkans. From Moscow, where she was posted from 1983-87, she chronicled the transition from Andropov through Chernenko to Gorbachev. Ms. Smale was in New York on Sept. 11 and organized much of the prize-winning New York Times coverage of the war in Afghanistan and the later war in Iraq.